What does your company stand for?

In today’s competitive business landscape, your company must stand for something or they can’t be of service to their clients. North Star Recruiting was formed with the idea of being a guide to Companies and individuals to find the right home for them. The North Star has for thousands of years been a permanent beacon and guide to travelers. We hope to be a source of Wisdom and Guidance and improve the lives of those that work with us. We strive to work with transformative Top Talent that wants to make a difference. They can go to work anywhere because they are “A” players, and they want to be introduced to Companies that appreciate them, and have a vision. We believe handling this transition for all parties is a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to be part of in each person’s life.

Be a winner.

Winning companies realize they must have the best of talent. If they are not hiring the best their competitor is, and eventually they will fall behind. We live in an increasingly fast moving society. We have to recruit differently than companies have recruited in the past. Our customers demand top notch service and our goal is to be the best. We bring them talent that transforms their company in all areas. We want the best talent, best ethics, best culture for both our clients and candidates.